From Founder i To Entrepreneur

Anyone can be a “founder”. Becoming an “entrepreneur” is another level of crazy and much more difficult.

It’s ultimately about growing your company and that often means in new markets.

We help Korean founders entering the US by removing early barriers and finding the right FIT.

Right fit in key areas such as:

  • Product Customer
  • Business Model Market Segment
  • Strategy Market Forces
  • Design and Branding Macro and Micro Trends
  • Founder(s) Team, Investors, and Advisors
  • KR operations US operations

  • Our Approach

    We believe that right kind of vested, genuinely interested help from the right people at the right time is often the single most critical factor that separates success in the new US market long term vs. packing up and going back to Korea short time later. Even deep-pocketed Korean conglomerates have repeatedly suffered from partnering with the wrong people in the US - lightly resourced young companies obviously need to be especially thoughtful about the right “help” in the US.

    It’s not about name recognition, and it’s certainly not about any of us acting self-important and simply lecturing away at our unique teams from Korea. We just need to be mutually excited about working with each other, and rally around identified priorities.

    Once you have accomplished one or more of the following and have desires to enter the high-profile and lucrative US market, we are ready to help with optimal strategy, right business model, and other focus areas.

    • IP (creative, technological, and other trade secrets)
    • Core product development at minimum prototype stage
    • Validation from Korea market - through standard market validation process and/or product in public Beta

    We aim to keep things informal, fun, and positive - a few more of the ingredients we believe are necessary for great outcomes. Join us with good attitude, confidence, and open mind, and together we will create value at all ends, for all involved.

    Our Event Venues

    For our initial events, we’ll look to partner with local host companies and evangelists.

    November 2016

    hosted by Josh Clark and SAP

    December 2016

    hosted by Steve Chung and Frankly, Inc.

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    About Us

    We are Korean-American veterans who are currently building companies ourselves in the US.

    With a network of other leading Silicon Valley based entrepreneurs, our goal is to provide meaningful hands-on assistance to the Korean companies coming to US with big dreams.

    We share the passion but more importantly, we want to share our expertise and lessons learned through our own successes and failures.

    Founding Partners

    Mentors: Category-specific

    Steve is currently VP of Product at a EQ oriented machine learning startup, and has deep game development background having had executive roles for celebrated titles like Halo and Transformers.

    Steve Abeyta

    Product and Design

    Steve is founder and CEO of Frankly, Inc. - a communications company founded in 2013, and publicly traded on TSX since 2015. He has executive and advisory background in government, finance and technology.

    Steve Chung

    Funding and exits

    Josh is Industry Value Engineering VP for SAP. He leads a professional consulting team to help companies identify and capitalize on opportunities to leverage advanced technologies to transform their business processes.

    Josh Clark


    Darren is a founding partner of Adivo Associates, a global healthcare consulting firm. He has over 18 years of experience in driving strategic change, accelerating businesses, and improving operations.

    Darren Ewaniuk


    Ryu has a unique background of classical architecture and industrial design training coupled with software development professional experiences. He has worked as a bridge between East Asian and US multinationals.

    Ryu Kawai

    Product and design

    John has 25+ years of healthcare and technology industry experience ranging from software engineering to executive management. As VP at Oracle Corporation, he managed a range of healthcare and life science products.

    John Lee


    Mentors: General

    Phil has been providing business and legal counsel for over 40 years to high technology companies throughout the world. He has direct experience in managing both high growth and successful acquisitions.

    Phil Cardman

    Corporate legal

    Short Description

    Andrew Jin


    Our Partners in Korea

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